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St Joseph's Primary School, Lisburn

P7 Shared Education


Our Primary 3 and Primary 7 children have engaged in a very exciting project with our friends from Harmony Hill thanks to the Shared Education initiative. Before the project began both year groups met together to in the Racquets Club in Lisburn to get to know each other.

Primary Seven's theme was Conflict. Both schools worked together over a period of 4 weeks to take part in a variety of activities related to the theme.

  1. Drama - activities linked to the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
  2. Art - work on Banksy
  3. Music - learning the song 'Where is the Love'
  4. PDMU - Fair Trade Game

The children also collaborated online using the Schoology programme and shared examples of work.


What the P7 children thought!

"It's a new experience that I haven't had before meeting boys and girls from other schools. I loved the trade game where we had to interact with others and see the unfairness of how much money some people had in comparison with others" Adam (Harmony Hill)

"I enjoyed getting to know new people. I discovered we had a lot in common. I loved all the activities but drama was my favourite because we really interacted together" Shannon (St Joseph's)

"I liked the Shared Education Days because we got to do a lot of fun activities and meet new people. I loved working together to make the word Lisburn with our bodies. You need to see the picture of it!" Ruairi (Harmony Hill)

"I enjoyed the Shared Education Days. I really liked meeting new people and making new friends. I keep in touch with Kiaran and Nicholas who I met on the activity days" Eoin (St Joseph's)

"I liked the range of activities and meeting some people I hadn't met in a while. I actually went to Nursery with some of the boys that were in the other school and I hadn't seen them since. I loved the drama linked to the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We were all studying the same book which was cool" Josh (Harmony Hill)

"I enjoyed meeting new friends from the other school. I learnt about the artist Banksy and discussed his art work with my new friends" Beth (St Joseph's)



Primary 3 Shared Education


Primary 3 explored the joint topic of Animals and Mini Beasts. To begin with, the P3 teachers from both schools met to plan the project.

The children then met together over a 2 week period to take part in a variety of activities including:

  1. Drama - activities linked to animals and minibeasts
  2. Art - making clay minibeasts
  3. ICT - creating eBooks using the Book Creator app
  4. WAU - Minibeast Hunt in Castle Gardens

Primary 3 will continue online collaboration for the rest of the year through Video Conferencing and a Fronter Course. The children will upload some examples of their work and take part in online discussions together.  


What the P3 children thought!

"I loved all the activities but drama was my favourite. It was great to meet my friend Evie from Harmony Hill. I had loads of fun" Rose (St Joseph's)

"I really enjoyed working with St Joseph's because I made lots of new friends" Claire (Harmony Hill)

"I liked making new friends from a different school. I can't wait to see them again!" Eve (St Joseph's)

"I really enjoyed the iPad activity, I loved finding all the pictures of different animals and working with different children from St Joseph's" Sophie (Harmony Hill)

"I loved making new friends. We had lots of fun together and liked lots of the same things" Finagh (St Joseph's)

"I loved making friends and playing outside in the sun with St Joseph's. I loved making the bugs because I like art and talking about minibeasts" Adam (Harmony Hill) 

"I enjoyed taking part in the activities and meeting lots of new friends" Lara (St Joseph's)

"It was nice to meet new friends and I hope I see them again at the park" Jessica (Harmony Hill)

"I enjoyed meeting new boys from another school who were fun to talk to" Andrew (St Joseph's)


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