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St Joseph's Primary School, Lisburn

Meet the Staff

Acting Principal       Mr B McMahon
Vice Principal  Mrs P Fleming
Primary One  Mrs C McManus and Miss T Hearty
 Classroom Assistants: Mrs M Toman, Mrs E Noblett
Primary Two  Mrs S Crilly and Miss C McAnerney
 Classroom Assistants: Mrs AM Keenan, Mrs R McCarthy,
Primary Three

 Miss S Clarke and Mrs B Gould 
 Classroom Assistants: Mrs K Hunter, Miss H Dowds

Primary Four   Mrs M Connolly and Mrs A Hanna
 Classroom Assistants: Mr D Gartland
Primary Five   Ms C Kitt and Mrs C Gorman
 Classroom Assistants:  Miss S Gray, Mrs R Braskiene, Miss D Owens
Primary Six  Mrs P Fleming (VP), Mrs S Gartland
 Classroom Assistant: Mrs L Law, Mrs C Allen
Primary Seven   Mrs N O'Hare and Mrs E McCambridge 
 Classroom Assistants: Mrs N Jordin, Mrs U McKeown
Secretaries  Ms. J Gibson, Mrs F Healy
Caretaker  Mr B McCaugherty
Learning Support

 Ms T Gorman (Creative Voices)



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