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St Joseph's Primary School, Lisburn

Pastoral Care


In St. Joseph’s we care for all our pupils.
We want everyone to be happy.

For one week each year we have a care and respect week. During this week each child is given a copy of the following.

In a bullying incident, we deal with both sides

The victim is listened to. The situation is investigated.  Care and support is given.  The situation is monitored carefully.

The bully is interviewed.  Sanctions may be imposed.  Parents may be informed. Incident is documented.  Close supervision in/out of class.

TELL – your class prefect who will tell teacher

TELL – your teacher or any teacher/principal

TELL – your parents who will tell the school

ALL incidents will be investigated fully.


Our school rules are place to protect children’s rights and to clarify pupil responsibilities.
Sometimes rights and responsibilities are ignored and someone gets hurt.
This can be a minor incident – sorted out quickly or it can be serious and on-going – requiring investigation. 

Bullying – takes many forms….

Name calling      
Ganging up on   
Passing notes about someone

There are no winners in a bullying situation.
The victim is scared.  The bully is not a happy person either.

If you are being bullied………………..

TELL              TELL                    TELL



Safeguarding Children


Safeguarding Children:

Our aim is to provide a caring, loving and secure environment, involving all pupils, adults within the school community. The demands mutual respect, commitment and the creation of an ordered yet sympathetic atmosphere.

For pupils this means:

The development of an awareness within each child of his / her strengths, talents, limitations, personal qualities, attitudes and values, with a corresponding awareness and respect for attitudes and values of others.

The development of independence and self-discipline, and the acceptance of responsibility for their own actions and behaviour.

The development of respect for and understanding of, the beliefs, cultures and opinions of others and of a responsible attitude towards the world in which we live.

The setting of challenging personal, social and academic goals, so that each child can be, ‘the best that they can be’.

Procedures are in place to develop each child to their full potential.

Policies and Procedures for Child Protection:

We all, both teaching and non-teaching staff, have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the children who attend St. Joseph’s Primary School.

We all carry out this duty through our Pastoral Care Policy, which aims to provide a caring, supportive and safe environment, where each of our pupil’s talents and abilities can be nurtured to the full.

Unfortunately in today’s society, we must protect our pupils by helping them to learn about the risks of possible abuse and to help them recognise unwelcome behaviour in others.

Our aim is to assist each child in acquiring the confidence and skills to keep themselves safe, through carefully devised programmes such as Kidscape.

It is essential that all staff, both teaching and non-teaching are fully aware of the procedures in place in our school, to ensure the safety and well being of all our children.
It is equally important that all staff is aware of the procedure clearly devised to handle all incidents or suspected incidents within our school.

All staff will be updated annually in this area of child protection.

It is important to note that some types of child abuse occur because of the actions of anotherwhile other types of abuse occur because an adult fails to take action.

It is our duty as a member of staff to be vigilant to the needs and welfare of all our pupils.

In our detailed policy, we have outlined the procedures, which will be followed in order to protect all our children.


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