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St Joseph's Primary School, Lisburn

Primary 5

Welcome to Primary 5! Our teachers are Ms Kitt and Mrs Hanna

We are very busy in Primary 5 and have lots of fun!

Literacy – We enjoy reading a range of novels in P5. One of our shared class novels is the brilliant Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – we do lots of lovely work about this and even make our own chocolate room model! We read a range of other novels in our reading groups including many more by Roald Dahl. Our teachers also read to us each day, we especially love listening to books by David Walliams - they are hilarious!

Numeracy - This year we are working hard using the times tables and number bonds we know to solve more challenging word problems. We also learn lots more about 2D and 3D shapes, including spotting these all around us. We explore perimeter and area and we love learning about measures as this always involves lots of practical learning with scales, trundle wheels, metre sticks etc . In P5 we also start to learn about fractions, we use pizzas to explore halves and quarters and, of course, we get to eat the pizza after the lesson – fractions aren’t that bad after all!

Science - We learn all about our body and discover amazing things about animals. We enjoy visiting the Castle Gardens to learn more about birds and trees. We also learn about recycling and how to reduce our environmental footprint and reuse materials. We even design our own experiments and love building models that move using K’nex and scrap materials. Each term we take part in a technology challenge day – we enjoy working in teams and using the glue guns and saws.

History – We learn all about or local environment and how this has changed over time and even research the first people to live In Ireland. We create books filled with information and learn to research topics, select information and compare the past and present.

Art – We study the work of many artists, such as Henri Rousseau and then create our own masterpieces in a similar style. We even paint our hands to explore camouflage and surrealist art. We use many different mediums including clay, watercolour paints, oil pastels, chalk, charcoal and even scrap materials.

Music - We compose our own Sound Stories like 'Mowgli in the Jungle', Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Gruffalo. We learn how to play the recorder and read music notes on a scale. We especially enjoy learning and performing the songs for our P5 Nativity Play performance.

Religion - We follow the Alive-O programme in P5 and also spend time learning more about the Nativity in order to help us with our Christmas Nativity Performance. We enjoy writing our own prayers and using this during our Religion lessons. We are fortunate that Sr Mary visits us often to remind us of our Sacrament of First Holy Communion and the promises we made then. Sr Mary also teaches us more about the Miracles of Jesus.

P.E. - Football, games, swimming, badminton, squash, dance and much more. We love being active and keep ourselves very fit !! (Just like our teacher)


Cillian's Healthy Breakfast



Our Topics in Primary Five


We love to learn about lots of different topics in Primary Five.

Our topics are:

  • Lively, Living Things
  • Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

  • Eco Warriers

  • My Amazing Human Body

  • Ancient Egyptians

  • Around the World

Local Study: The River Lagan


P5 Curriculum Meeting Information

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